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Are you trying to find the best stocks to buy in Singapore?

You may need some help from my singapore stock analysis website since there are over 700 listed companies in Singapore to choose from.

Solving the stock market puzzle

Buying a stock is the easy part. More important questions are often left unanswered.

  • How many stocks should you buy?

  • When is a good time to buy them?

  • What should you do if the price drops?

  • Should you take profit now or wait for a bigger profit?
  • Before you attempt to solve this puzzle, it is wise to equip yourself with the basic skills of investing.

    I hope to share my experiences, both as a broker and an investor, with you through this website.

    How to use this website

    If you don't have a strategy, you may start by reading my approach to the stock market.

    My approach won't suit you completely as each investor has different attributes. You should try to formulate your personalized stock investment strategy from the model strategy.

    Decide on the number of stocks you should own base on your evaluation of a manageable portfolio size.

    You may want to select some of the stocks from my analysis results that meet your investment needs into your watch list.

    Next, you should try to use a stock timing tool of your preference to find an entry point. Mastering your timing tool may help you to gain an edge over other investors who don't use them.

    After you buy your stocks, you may use a couple of stock management strategies to preserve your investment capital or to maximise your potential returns.

    I hope this website can help to reduce the time you need to spend on Singapore stock analysis.

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    A Model Stock Investment Strategy
    You can develop a stock investment strategy tailored to your personality and risk tolerance.
    Build your own stock portfolio
    The first step towards building your stock portfolio is to decide the number of stocks you should own.
    Create a stock watch list base on your needs
    How should you create a stock watch list from the 700+ companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange?
    Singapore Market Stock Timing
    There’s a lot of literature on the futility of stock timing. I agree. Most investors will not succeed in this endeavor.
    Singapore Stock Strategies
    Can your stock strategies help you to answer these 5 important questions in stock investments?
    Singapore Stock Market Update
    Follow the stock market movements
    My List of Singapore's Top Dividend Stocks
    Take some time to read how I select the top dividend stocks out of the 700+ listed companies in Singapore
    Singapore Stock Screener
    The stock screener scans for Singapore stocks that show substantial increase in its weekly trading volume coupled with an increase in its price
    Singapore REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust
    Singapore REIT
    How to buy stocks in Singapore
    Always wondered how to buy stocks in Singapore? Start here to get an overall picture of how the Singapore stock market works, from opening your first brokerage account to buying your first stock......
    Recommended Stock Investment Books
    Singapore Stock Investment Guide
    Using this stock investment guide may help you to acquire practical stock market experience that I paid too much to learn.
    Ways to learn stock investing
    There are many free or low cost ways to learn stock investing in Singapore. I always wonder why some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get similar knowledge
    Singapore CFD Trading
    Trading Singapore CFD or Contracts For Difference allows you to either long or short underlying instruments with a small initial capital
    Open your first stock account in Singapore
    Your first stock account could either make or break your view towards stock investments.
    The Singapore Bonds Market
    Which is better? Singapore bonds or stocks?
    A website to improve communication with my clients
    Thank you for your support over the past few years, especially if you regularly use the account under my charge.
    About the Authors
    Some info about me and why I built this website
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    Contact Me
    Privacy Policy
    Privacy Policy
    Stock Analysis
    Stock Analysis
    Singapore Stock Analysis Blog
    Keep yourself updated with analysis on the Singapore stock market.

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