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I am Lee FangWei from Singapore and thank you for visiting the website.

This page about me is meant to give you some information on who I am and why my good friend, Gary Goh, and I created this website.

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I started this website to share my stock investing / trading experiences. Passion and interest on a subject really bring you somewhere :)

My Profile

I was a trading representative in an established local brokerage firm for a few years. Currently, I'm working in a boutique research firm as an indices/equities analyst providing technical analysis research to institutional clients.

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After graduating in 2006 from the National University of Singapore with an Economics degree, my first job after graduation led me to realize that I should find work that I would enjoy the most.

The search for that kind of work was fairly easy for me. I reflected on the things that I excel in the past and found a common thread: I had a strong interest in what I was doing

First step into stock investments

I started investing in Singapore stocks in 2003 during my first year of University. Besides attending lectures and tutorials, most of my time is spent on analyzing stocks for my next purchase.

My initial ‘research’ method involved highlighting a $6 investment booklet which contains the financials of Singapore listed companies, the money section of The Straits Times and then more highlighting.

Fast forward to today, my analysis method has evolve to focus on what I think is the most important factor in stock trading/ investing: EXPERIENCE

Why I built this website

Over the years as a trading representative, I realized that with the growing popularity of online trading facilities, there is little communication between clients and their brokers.

The communication I had with my broker when I started was mainly to raise my trading limit. The drill was straightforward. I called in and told her my account number, she raises the limit.

Till today, she probably still think my name is Sang Wee. (By the way, my name is Fang Wei)

Improving the communication between my clients and me

Explaining my analysis over the phone or through email can only give you a part of the picture. This may be because you have little or no knowledge of the factors I look at for which the analysis is made.

As I find it neither feasible nor effective to update every single client on the stock market via traditional means, I created this website to show them the whole picture, from my point of view.

Some ideas or strategies that I use may not be suitable for you as each individual investor has a different personality, risk tolerance, capital size and time constraint.

But still, I hope you will spend some time to understand my approach and then use what is suitable for your stock investment needs.



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