How I Analyse Singapore Stocks

When I started this website back in 2009, this section used to feature my weekly analysis and the method I used to analyze the Singapore stock market.

The problem with that approach is the majority of my ex-clients/ website visitors are pretty new to investing/ trading.

Most of them probably do not have a clue what the analysis is about and what elements I considered when making the analyses.

So in order to help people (who are like me 10 years ago) trying to get practical knowledge on investing/ trading the Singapore stock market,  I decided to use this section to go into more detail on how I use the various analysis tools i.e.

  • SGX website
  • Price & Volume Scanner

that I wrote briefly about on this website. I hope my effort here can help you to advance your knowledge in analyzing Singapore stocks.

SGX website - 'Quickie' Fundamental Analysis

A quick way for me to further filter my stocks using fundamental analysis, sifting through the shortlisted stocks based on my initial filter using the price & volume scanner.

Price & Volume Scanner - The MetaStock Software

Manually go through 700+ listed stocks to look for the best stocks to buy? Been there, done that.

Nowadays, I subscribe to the Metastock Software that helps me to filter stocks base on the criteria I set with a click of the mouse, giving me the result in seconds.

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