Corporate bonds in Singapore

Below are some corporate bonds issued by STI component companies

STI Components Corporate Bonds

IssuerCoupon %Maturity DateCurrency
Capitaland Limited 2.9503 Sep 2016SGD
3.2222 Jun 2022SGD
City Developments Limited 4.8516 Apr 2012SGD
3.2208 Apr 2015SGD
2.56504 Feb 2013SGD
DBS Group Holdings Ltd4.4715 Jul 2021 SGD
5.12516 May 2017USD
515 Nov 2019USD
7.12515 May 2011USD
Fraser and Neave Limited3.6213 Oct 2015SGD
HongKong Land Holdings Limited5.5 28 Apr 2014USD
Noble Group Limited8.530 May 2013USD
6.7529 Jan 2020USD
Oversea Chinese Banking Corp7.2506 Sep 2011EURO
506 Sep 2011SGD
3.7828 Nov 2017SGD
5.627 Mar 2019SGD
4.2518 Nov 2019USD
Olam International Limited4.0712 Feb 2013SGD
Singapore Press Holdings2.8102 Mar 2015SGD
Singapore Airlines Ltd4.1519 Dec 2011SGD
Singapore Telecommunications Limited621 Nov 2011EURO
6.37501 Dec 2011USD
7.37501 Dec 2031USD
SMRT Corporation Ltd3.2714 Dec 2011SGD
United Overseas Bank Ltd4.9530 Sep 2016SGD
4.502 Jul 2013USD
5.37503 Sep 2019USD

How to buy corporate bonds in Singapore

Singapore corporate bonds are only available to accredited investors The minimum investment sum is S$250,000.

If you are not an accredited investor, you may want to consider bonds issued by the Singapore government

Corporate bond price and yield

As they are traded over the counter, you may want to get the latest price and yield for the bonds you are interested in from your banker or broker.

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