Ways to Learn Stock Investing

There are many free or low cost ways to learn stock investing in Singapore.

I always wonder why some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get similar knowledge.

To answer my own question, I think different people learn in different ways. I just prefer the cheaper ways. Either way, you still got to put in the commitment to study the stock market.

Learning By Doing

The best way to learn stock investing is to ... invest in stocks. JUST DO IT!

Develop your own stock selection process and then record & review your learning experiences. I used my Skillsfuture credit to learn how to use Microsoft Excel effectively to keep track of my experience and you should be a master in it too.  

I've listed some learning resources below but nothing beats learning through the 'hands-on' approach and gaining firsthand stock market experience.

On average, a typical investor will need about 7 years of experience to make consistent returns in the stock market.

These ‘7 years’ should allow you to go through at least one bull market and one bear market. While you make your first profits in a bull market, you are left with despair in the following bear market.

If you persevere, you will learn and recover from your mistakes As your learning journey gets smoother, your bottom line will fall into these categories; big losses ->small losses -> small profits -> big profits.

Stock Investment Books

There are literally tons of books on trading and investing in the stock market but not all are created equal. I have bought and read many of them myself and only a small percentage of the books are worth recommending

Stock Information Websites

This Singapore Stock Exchange website (www.sgx.com) should be the first place to visit if you need information on any of the 700+ companies listed in Singapore.

Besides checking stock prices, I go to the website for company announcements and corporate actions such as dividend payment as well as checking which are the stocks to avoid from the SGX watchlist.

I also find the Investor Centre section very useful for stock investing beginners.

www.remisiers.org The Society of Remisiers website provides free research reports kindly uploaded by members working with the local brokerage houses in Singapore.

To view these reports, click on the 'Research' tab on their homepage.


There are some free seminars offered by brokerage houses or product vendors but they usually end up in some sales pitch. There’s no free lunch in the world so if you don’t mind the sales pitch, this is a good place to find out about basic stock investing and stock investing products out in the market.

If you have S$30 to spare, I would recommend the seminars organized by the SGX Academy

The speakers invited are usually experienced professionals in the financial field. Most of the topics discussed are aimed at helping beginner investors understand the methods that can be applied to analyse the stock market.

Each seminar lasts about 3 hours with a short break in between. You may also see me attending their seminars.

Your Remisier/ Dealer/ Stock Broker/ Trading Representative or whatever you call them

These people (including myself) are at the frontline of the stock market battle field every day. If they can survive, they may have some valuable advice to share with you.

Although the quality & depth of their advice may differ, they are a good source of guidance if you are lost while trying to solve the stock market puzzle.

Some of my clients feel shy at first to contact me for information. That’s partly the reason why I set up this website.

If you are still a sotong investor and were snubbed by a broker for asking an elementary question, don’t worry too much about it. They’re probably having a bad day.

Most brokers welcome enquiries from clients as it is part of relationship building. If not, you should switch to another broker who is willing to help you.

Stock Forums

Stock forums are a good place to source for answers to your questions. Someone before you might have had the same question and posted for help in the forum.

The popular ones are Share Junction and Value Buddies I usually go to stock forums if a stock has some out of the ordinary movements and I cannot find any announcements on the SGX website.

Do not go to forums to look for stocks to buy. There are forummers who are really helpful but some people post because they have their own agenda to fulfill.

Take the forum postings with a pinch of salt.

Applying what you learn

Time and money spent to educate yourself will be wasted if you do not apply what you have learnt.

There is no substitute for real market experience. If you need help getting started, you may want to refer to a stock investment guide

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