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The purpose of creating the Common Cents Uncommon Value (CCUV) membership is 2-fold.

First, to provide you with investment opportunities in what we deem as undervalued stocks for which you may neither have the time nor the knowledge to carry out research.

Second, to provide a step-by-step guide for you to gain practical market experience, either using a CCUV stock or your own stock pick.

About Common Cents Uncommon Value membership

This membership service is a collaboration between me and a trusted friend of 13 years whose passion lies in digging for opportunities in the Singapore stock market.

I find that his fundamental research is comprehensive and easy to understand. I have personally gained from his insights and even accompanied him for site visits a couple of times.

What we hope this membership can do for you

Throughout my career as a stock broker, I know many people who swear never to 'gamble' again in the stock market. I hope you do not switch over to the dark side because of a few poorly researched stocks.

We want to emphasize to you that investing in stocks is a skill that can be learned through practice over a period of time.

So, we want you to start with a well-researched stock that we have provided and follow our step-by-step guide because at some point during the experience building process, you will convince yourself not to cut that loss and ultimately face the big losses you often only hear about.

With our CCUV membership, we want to focus on the investment process more than the results and we hope you do too. Once you realize that a good process may sometimes turn out a bad result, then you are a big step ahead of most investors.

What you'll get

  • Access to the CCUV stocks in the member's area
  • A step-by-step guide to gain practical market experience
  • A special report/study that explain why each stock is a good investment opportunity
  • A 'technical path' that'll show you important levels such as the stop loss price and the profit target price for each CCUV stock. The technical path is a technical analysis study of the stock based on the approach I use for fund managers as a Financial Technical Analyst
  • Email notification as soon as any new content is added to the member's area

I have attached a sample of our CCUV stock report for your reference.

How much this membership cost

I have always been a stickler for free or low cost investing materials so it's no surprise we're offering the membership at only

S$90 for 1 year

We charge a low price because we know you may be discouraged and give up at some point because you don't get the results you expect. This is normal.

Gaining stock market experience is a multi-year endeavor like any other worthwhile skill but many just want to see fast results. They don't really care about the process that goes on behind the scene to achieve the results.

The cost will be low for you should you choose to give up. But we also make sure the cost stay low should you choose to try again.

More importantly, we want to treat you with dignity and respect. To give you a shot at investing properly and not to treat you like a dollar sign.

Before you sign up to access the member's area

I want to set the expectation straight.

Good opportunities don't come along every week or even every month for that matter. So I can't confirm that there will be new stocks updated every month. But you can be sure we are on the lookout for them every single day.

Updated stocks in the portfolio will most likely not increase dramatically in a short period of time.

Be sure to read the membership FAQ because all sales are final and there will be no refunds! 

S$90 for 1 year of premium access

See you in the members area!


Fang Wei

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