Singapore REIT Yield

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Singapore REIT Yield Updated 31st Dec 2010

Counter NameLast FY S$Last 2nd FY S$Last 3rd FY S$ Company Name
AIMSAMPIReit0.0890.075NAAIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT
AscendasIndT0.0750.061NAAscendas India Trust
Ascendasreit0.1520.1410.128Ascendas Real Estate Inv Trust
AscottREIT0.0730.0880.077Ascott Residence Trust Management Limited
Cambridge0.0540.0600.063Cambridge Industrial Trust
CapitaComm0.0710.1100.087CapitaCommercial Trust
CapitaMall0.0890.1430.133CapitaMall Trust
CapitaRChina0.0810.0700.073CapitaRetail China Trust
CDL HTrust0.0860.1060.090CDL Hospitality Trusts
First REIT0.0760.0760.071First Real Estate Investment Trust
Fortune Reit HK$HK$ 0.302HK$ 0.370HK$ 0.351Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust
FrasersComm0.0160.0640.067Frasers Commercial Trust
FrasersCT0.0750.0730.08Frasers Centrepoint Trust
Indiabulls0.000NANAIndiaBulls Properties Investment Trust
K-REIT0.0780.1300.089K-Reit Asia
LippoMapleT0.0500.056NALippo-Mapletree Indonesia Retail Trust Management Ltd
MapletreeIndNANANAMapletree Industrial Trust
MapletreeLog0.0530.0720.062Mapletree Logistics Trust
PLife REIT0.0770.0680.023Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust
Sabana ReitNANANASabana Shari'ah Compliant REIT
SaizenREITYen¥ 0.000Yen¥ 3.600NASaizen Real Estate Investment Trust
Starhill Gbl0.0570.0720.062Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust
SuntecReit0.0910.1260.074Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust
TCTNANANATreasury China Trust
*The list of REIT is extracted from the Singapore Exchange

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