How I use the Singapore Stock Exchange website

The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) website is a wonderful resource for conducting basic stock research. 

Besides the obvious usage to check for Singapore share prices, there are a few other tools that I use frequently as part of my stock selection process.

Under the ‘Company Information’ tab, you can find the sections on Stock Facts, Company Announcements, Corporate Action and Watch-List

SGX Stock Facts

SGX Stock Facts is developed to help investors screen for 'the best' SGX stocks to buy in Singapore. The parameters for screening stocks are mostly fundamental based with limited technical parameters. It's not perfect but good enough for the beginner investor and definitely much better than the first method I developed when I just started out.

Today, I use a more advanced stock screener that helps me to save time in screening through the 700+ stocks listed on the Singapore stock exchange. I have also expanded my analysis to other markets through the software.

Company Announcements

This is a must visit page each time before I buy any SGX stocks, especially for the stocks that I have shortlisted using my stock screener that provides me with a list of stocks with genuine market interest.

Besides looking at current announcements, I also look at the SGX announcements for the past 12 months to help determine if there are any earning release news. From my personal experience, some stocks tend to trade erratically near the earnings release period as short term traders would position themselves for the expected news. Depending on the results of the earnings release, the stock might gap up or down by a significant percentage. 

Corporate Action

This is a great resource as it contains a good historical record that'll allow an investor to check the consistency of the dividends paid by any SGX listed company. You can also look at which companies are going 'ex-dividend' on the current market day by choosing the 'today' option.

How 'ex dividend' works

Example (third row, Tee International, ex-dividend date 02 Dec 2015)

If you buy before 02 Dec 2015, you will receive dividends.

If you buy on or after 02 Dec 2015, you will not receive dividends.

As for 'record date', you don't have to bother too much about it. The logic behind it is that it takes 2 working days to 'record' you as a shareholder of the company who is entitled to the dividend.

Date paid / payable is self-explanatory.

Why it's not a good idea to buy a stock on the date of its ex-dividend

From my personal observation, price usually drop by an equivalent amount of the dividend paid, which is normal. For the next 2-3 days, there will be some 'weakness' in the stock as investors who are aware of the ex-dividend date will buy before the stock goes ex-dividend. Investors who missed out on the dividends would be less willing to buy since they have to wait for at least 3 more months for the next dividend payout. 

SGX Watch-List

Don't be mistaken by the section title and look for stocks to buy in this list. In fact, it's the opposite. I would avoid the companies listed on the SGX watch list.

SGX introduced a Watch-List for companies listed on Main board of the Singapore stock exchange. The purpose is to improve the overall quality of listed companies in Singapore, and promote investor confidence of the marketplace.

Just a quick glance here to make sure the stock you’re buying is not listed there. Those stocks face the risk of being de-listed for not behaving. No point risking your money on low quality stocks.

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