A Simple Stock Analysis Method

This is the method I used when I started investing in 2003. Like most beginners, I had absolutely no clue where to start.

Searching on the internet yield many methods but most are not directly applicable to Singapore stocks.

So for a student with limited resources, expensive seminars touting instant profits were out. Subscription based data services were also out.

I chanced upon the booklet while buying the daily newspapers, which I was reading to keep myself updated on the financial markets. No exciting story there.

With my new 'tool', I am able to do simple research and analysis on Singapore stocks using the data in the booklet. It's basically a consolidated 'all in one' snapshot of listed companies with information on its business activities, recent developments, financial data, etc.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the company that publishes this booklet also publish horse racing and football guides. They must love statistics so much over there!

The $7 dollar booklet analysis

Where to buy the booklet

Major bookstores (R.I.P Borders!), some 24-hour convenience stores and newsstands. It used to cost $6 during my time but now it's $7. They have a website too.

For the purpose of using the booklet for simple research & analysis, you'll only need to buy it bi-monthly or quarterly, since most listed companies in Singapore release financial statements on a quarterly basis.

But if you find the other sections helpful, by all means, subscribe to them. Support local companies.