Gain practical experience in 5 trades

My free* trading course aims to help any beginner to gain practical experience in the Singapore stock market.

Before I go into the details of my course, please take a minute to understand why learning through a live trading account is the most important step in gaining practical experience in the financial markets. 

Why I created a free* trading course

Over the past 8 years, I received multiple appreciation emails from visitors for sharing my knowledge on the Singapore stock market. However, I also noticed that many of those emails finish with questions similar to the following... 'Thanks but how do I start investing or trading?'

The first few times I read these emails, I was surprised as I thought what I shared on my website is more than enough for anyone to start trading or investing in the Singapore stock market. 

But as this type of email accumulates, I started to question my approach and was looking for a different way to help anyone who is interested in Singapore stocks. 

A 'practical' approach

The solution surfaced recently, after I finally made a breakthrough in my own learning curve for options trading. For years, I have been trying to learn options trading.

I scoured the internet for the relevant information but have always come up short. All the knowledge on options can be found online but I still felt there was one missing ingredient.

It's not until I opened a live trading account and started trading that finally led me to make a breakthrough in my learning curveThe missing ingredient that accelerated my learning curve is applying my knowledge in real market conditions.

Then I realized that visitors like you who visit my website are probably facing a similar issue in learning how to invest or trade Singapore stocks. This epiphany motivated me to create a practical trading course to apply the information on my website.

What you will learn

This course will guide you through the overall process of trading/ investing in the Singapore stock market and more importantly, the practical application of the processes via procedures and specific instructions which will enable you will gain practical experience in

  • How to use a trading platform to buy and sell stocks
  • How to perform research & analysis to filter for the best stocks
  • How to formulate a trade plan around your chosen stock
  • How to 'short-sell' a stock
  • How to journal your learning progress

and many other nitty-gritty stuff that you will realize on your own while operating under real market conditions.

Initially, you must focus on the process over the outcome. Over time, this focus on the process will translate into your accumulated experience that will lead you to consistent profitability i.e. the desired outcome.

How you will learn

Over the next few weeks, you will execute a series of trades using a live trading account to apply the processes of trading/ investing in real market conditions that I have been broken into procedures and instructions that's intended to guide you along.

Process >>> Procedure >>> Instructions

  • Processes will show you the big picture.
  • Procedures will break down what are the needed steps to successfully complete the processes.
  • Instructions are detailed step by step to-do lists to help you move forward and navigate an unfamiliar terrain.

How to obtain the trading course for free

I spent a lot of hours developing this trading course and I believe it can really help beginners to accelerate their learning curve in the Singapore stock market.

The market value of my trading course could go into the hundreds but I decided not to charge a dime for it as I always believe good information should be shared for free or at a low cost. Moreover, no matter how much you spend on a trading course, it's going to be a waste of money unless you apply the knowledge in real market conditions.

Therefore, I have set the following requirements to be fulfilled for anyone interested in my trading course.

  1. Sign up for a live trading account with IG as I'm using its trading platform functions to teach my course.
  2. Fund the trading account with a small deposit. I recommend depositing between $500 to $1000, which will be used as margin to open trade positions.
  3. Contact me after you have completed the first 2 steps.
  4. I will send you a link to enroll in the practical trading course for free.

I have set these requirements because in order for this trading course to be effective, the beginner must learn through a live trading account with ease in short selling and relatively low commissions.

If you are keen, just follow the steps above to receive my practical trading course on Singapore stocks for free.

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